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Secret Services. Some documents.

To whom it may be interesting

Dear friends,
On September 6, 2008 I posted on your website under the rubric "Secret Services" my article (three parts) containing a number of facts of serious violations of the basic Human Rights by American Secret Services. I also sent it to U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives - to Senator Patrick Leahy and Congressman John Conyers, the Heads of Judiciary Committees and some other Senators and Congressmen, who were the members of these Committees. Apart from that I directed my article (supplying it with a covering letter) to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) - the well known organization protecting Human Rights which are inseparable from civil liberties.
It is too early to expect any response from the legislators. I sent them my information several days ago. However, yesterday I received the response from the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU). When I was reading it I had such a feeling that they had not seen my covering letter. Moreover, their respond sounded as though they had not at all seen the 2-nd and the 3-d parts of the text.
I would like to suggest the covering letter and their respond as well to your attention.
Thank you

Vladimir Krylovskiy
October 4, 2008

A c o v e r i n g l e t t e r

Mrs. Dora Liberman,
Executive director
American Civil Liberties Union
125 Broad Street,
NY, NY 10004

Vladimir Krylovskiy,
the editor of the Russian Orthodox
Magazine "Rodnik" ("Spring"),
7314 21-st Ave, # 4-D
Brooklyn, NY, 11204
ph. (718) 256-8024

Dear Madam,

At the very end of June I called to ACLU and said that I had a serious compromising information about American Secret Services. I was told that the best way for me to give it to ACLU is to send it to them by mail. However, I didn't do that.
The fact was that the text with that information written by me was a subject for a very intent attention of Secret Services. Because of that I apprehended that it could be distorted on its way. There have been several precedents for that. For example, when I had e-mailed that text to some my correspondents it underwent some changes almost each time. Sometimes it happened that one paragraph was missing, sometimes another one... It used to be that the key sentence of some paragraph was missing... All of that changed the sense of one or another paragraph absolutely. Sometimes while my posting the text in the Internet some paragraphs used to turn out also to be missing, another were moved from one place to another ...

I called by another ACLU phone number I had and asked the woman who responded me (she turned out to be Jean Grove) to permit me to fax my text to her so that she could give it to the proper person. She agreed with courtesy, and I did it (I have the fax report in my records). After that I got in touch with Mrs. Grove and she assured me that she had given my information to the person whom it might concern.

In two months, at the beginning of September I called to ACLU again аnd was very surprised to find out that there were no any records of my case in their computer - neither my name, nor the address, the phone number, the zip code... Of course, I gave a call Mrs. Grove. She told me that she didn't remember the name of the person whom she had given my text to...
Now I am mailing the documents (18 pages of the very text plus these 2 pages of this covering letter, totally 20 pages) to ACLU once again. For this once I am sending it by overnight mail.

Thank you.

Vladimir Krylovskiy
September 18, 2008

This text has been posted in two Russian Human-Rights websites and also in several pages of the American Internet Edition "Livejournal" ( -

125 Broad Street New York, NY 10004
(212)607 3300
Fax 1(212)607 3318

NYCLU Legal Intake Committee
September 30, 2008

Mr. Vladimir Krylovskiy
7314 21s1 Avenue #4-D
Brooklyn, New York 11204

Dear Mr. Krylovskiy:

We write in response to your request fоr legal assistance from the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU). Our team of attorneys and staff have carefully reviewed and discussed the facts you have provided and have determined that we cannot assist you with your case.

Please understand that we receive a large number of complaints regarding violations of civil rights and civil liberties, and generally we are able to accept very few cases from among those presented to us, having the most significant civil liberties issues. The result is that we must sometimes decline to help people who may have meritorious claims. However, you may wish to contact the Bar Association at (212) 626-7373 for a legal referral.

As a general matter, we do not take cases that involve individual criminal defense, claims of innocence by prisoners, individual employment disputes, disputes involving private companies, and landlord-tenant disputes. We also do not generally take cases that seek only monetary damages or cases of any type that turn on factual disputes (as opposed to questions about the legal validity of a government law, policy, or practice).

Thank you for taking the time to contact the NYCLU. We wish you the best in resolving your concerns.

Legal Intake Committee
Signature (undecipherable)

The New York Affiliate of the American Civil Liberties Union Thomas Frey, President , Donna Lieberman, Executive Director
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