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Secret Services as they really are.

To whom it may be interesting.

Dear friends:
I'll add several words regarding the information about (posted here on November 23, 2008). Next day I posted it in, and in several hours I saw in my e-mail inbox the comment written by the sos_usa moderator. This is that comment(word to word):
"Pope_guilty, 11/24-08, 07.04 (
I banned your ass for bringing your spam about your grievance with the government to sos_usa. You already struck me as a spamming, attention-seeking crank, and this pretty much seals it".

Next morning there was another comment, which was not shown in the external page. I'll quote it here:
"Mymonkeyhassad, 11/25-08, 07.34 (
Can we delete him from here too? These letters are kind of ridiculous and not really doing anything to promote human rights, just complaining about places that do not accept his notes/faxes/ etc".

On November 25 I posted there my response. This is it:
"Dear friends:
Of course, I'll not respond the attack of the author of the first "comment". I am not accustomed to lead a discussion in an ethics level like that. Moreover, in the Soviet Union we were aware quite well about the way of organizing such kind of "criticism" against those who dared to open their mouths against KGB.
I would merely like to attract your attention to such a fact that the author of the "comment" did his best to avoid using the words "Secret Services". He used the word "government" instead of them. Why?
Moreover, I have one question. I know that there are several moderators in "Sos_Usa". Did the author of the "comment" act on behalf of all of them?"

As far as the second comment is concerned, I advise the author to read my basic article dedicated to the American Secret Services ( - September 8, 2008 and - September 6, 2008). However, before that I advise him to take a look at "The World Declaration of Human Rights", which has been signed by USA as well by the way, of course, if he has ever heard about such a document, .

Thank you.
Vladimir Krylovskiy
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