Wanda Halpert (Wanda Halpert) wrote in amnestyint,
Wanda Halpert
Wanda Halpert

The Boy From Geita Trailer - A story about an Albino in Africa

I donate to this group, 'Under the Same Sun', that supports kids in Africa that are Albinos.  I guess it is the redhead in me that feels an affinity to fair skin that must stay out of the sun. In Africa, Albinos are often hunted for body parts as it is thought by superstitious people that they have magical powers.  The worst thing is that the witch doctors promote this and politicians, the very people supposed to protect them, go after Albinos in election years as it is believed that may boost their chances of getting re-elected.  There is a fund raiser coming up and here is a video about one boy that is an Albino and his journey to a safe environment. Under the Same Sun supports these kids, and gives them a school and a safe place to live. It may interest you to know about them.
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