krylovskiy (krylovskiy) wrote in amnestyint,

Secret Services as they really are

To whom it may be interesting.

Dear friends:
On November 23, 2008 I tried to post in (the erosion of American Civil Liberties) a short information (it was posted here on November 14, 2008) connected with my basic article about some grave violations of the main Human Rights by American Secret Services. (It is well known that Human Rights are inseparable from civil liberties). I made several attempts and failed finally. Each time when I tried to post my information the following message appeared: "Error! Your note banned from the journal". Nobody clarified my confusion about the "error" that I had allegedly committed.
Some time ago, on October 26, 2008 I posted in my basic article about American Secret Services (see here on September 6, 2008), and it was immediately deleted with no explanations. On November 7 I repeated my attempt, and the article was deleted again

Vladimir Krylovskiy,
7314 21-st Ave, # 4-D
Brooklyn, NY, 11204
ph. (718) 256- 8024
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